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Energy and Transport

Big changes are afoot as the world changes its consumption habits. There are now new, tougher conditions for transporting, storing and processing exotic, flammable or liquefied gases. There are gaps in the available technology vs the greater demands. Bridging these gaps we find Oasis providing valve and coupling solutions that handle greater volumes, higher pressures and tougher reliability requirements. Oasis leads the world producing fully certified valves handling these new challenges.


Oasis tank head valves part of successful technological collaboration.

Specialist modular gas container maker IGX has selected the Oasis tank head valve for their containerised helium storage modules. These products are the result  of a ground breaking technology collaboration between the US military and giant carbon fibre cylinder maker, Luxfer.

IGX contractor Pete Anderson describes the Oasis tank head valve as ‘probably the finest in the world’. His intention to continue with the product is based on how impressed he is with the quality of the valve. ‘Holding them and feeling the precision in the threads remind me of the way precision gas products used to feel.’

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