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Customised engineering

Engineered products to design or order

It would be fair to say that our contract manufacturing services has been a    well-kept secret. Typically, new clients have heard about us through the recommendations of customers who have previously used our services.

Whilst in more recent times Oasis has been known for its expertise in producing its own products - predominately for use within the CNG industry - Oasis has, since its inception, been providing contract manufacturing services for external clients worldwide.

As a manufacturer of precision valves it comes as no surprise that Oasis utilise modern computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tool technology within their production facility. This equipment is well known for its versatility, enabling fast set up times and the ability to machine various sizes and shapes of components often with just a simple programme change.
Oasis has a full complement of CNC machining centres and centre lathes, sourced from world renowned machine manufacturers, coupled with full Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing systems. With robotic material handling equipment, Oasis has a truly automated manufacturing cell providing lights out machining capabilities.

Our team of skilled engineers have many years experience in working with different materials which include stainless steel, brass, aluminium and engineering plastics.

Whether your requirements are for a production run of 10 components or a continuous run of many thousands, Oasis can be relied upon to manufacture to your specifications and time frame. Through the adoption of the same modern manufacturing methods and quality assurance procedures utilised within our own extensive product range, you can be assured of receiving a fault free product, delivered on time.

We look forward to being of service!

What are the benefits?

  • CNC machining

  • Versatile systems

  • Skilled Engineers

  • Short or long production runs

  • 98.5% delivery on time.


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