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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has rightly earned a healthy respect in the engineering world. Methane is volatile, flammable and prone to leakage. Handling it requires well-built and maintained equipment - equipment that you just have to trust. The Oasis brand has earned that trust since 1983, working closely with those companies that accept the challenge of promoting this fast-coming new fuel. With peerless quality, superior reliability and unique servicing techniques Oasis has consistently added value to all CNG projects and is available in every major CNG province worldwide.

Field Testing confirms Oasis as the longest lasting ball valve

For a long time Oasis has been able to demonstrate the highest levels of reliability through bench scale testing. Over five years of multicycle trials have been conducted in the Birch Ave testing lab with hundreds of valves undergoing testing. A comprehensive understanding has been gained about wear part attrition rates and materials performance both in Oasis valves and in other products.

The results of this testing has made the Oasis ball valve the preferred component for most leading CNG dispenser builders. This comforting level of reliability is backed up with servicing training and instruction (including on-line resources).

In partnership with our valued customer, PTT in Bangkok, Oasis ran field trials to confirm the lab results. Despite the increased dust and oil loads at the trial site - PTT NGV Station [Pu-Jao Sming-Pai] – the valve exceeded the expected component life by 68%. During the test the valve clocked up an extraordinary 220186 cycles before servicing was needed. The trial included an unplanned flood event which thankfully did not cause long term problems for the station. This is well over the number of cycles needed to have a single annual service regime.

Our valued customer Petroleum Authority of Thailand “PTT” or “ปตท” (pronounced: “Por-Tor-Tor” in Thai) have specified Oasis Valves since they began their CNG station building program in 2000. Both our companies have benefited greatly by our long cooperation and partnership.

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