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Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has rightly earned a healthy respect in the engineering world. Methane is volatile, flammable and prone to leakage. Handling it requires well-built and maintained equipment - equipment that you just have to trust. The Oasis brand has earned that trust since 1983, working closely with those companies that accept the challenge of promoting this fast-coming new fuel. With peerless quality, superior reliability and unique servicing techniques Oasis has consistently added value to all CNG projects and is available in every major CNG province worldwide.


Oasis ball valve pivotal in steady operation and low costs for machinery.

Cryoquip Australia, based in Melbourne, is part of a global network of cryogenic manufacturing, marketing and service companies.
Cryoquip design, manufacture and supply high quality cryogenics systems and components to the industrial gases industries throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The necessity of steady operation and low operating costs for Cryoquip machinery is a significant factor in their choice of equipment. The company uses the Oasis high pressure ball valve because of the valve’s superior reliability and durability even under harsh industrial conditions. The ball valve is excellent value, requiring much less servicing than alternative brands.

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