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At Oasis Engineering we aim to provide an optimal customer experience. Our team is expert at engaging with the customer, on a technical, personal and commercial level. Good connections lead to great business!

Oasis is a small dynamic company, peopled with a diverse professional experience base. Informal but effective, the Oasis team distinguish themselves with their practiced “meet-customer’s-need” focus.

The team at Oasis is made up of experienced and dedicated individuals who each contribute specific skills, the result of which gives us everything we need to solve your problems.  At Oasis, we know your requirements are unique. And we take that seriously. 

Kevin Flint - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 204


Kevin Flint


‘We have a great
engineering team, one
that can solve any problem.
At Oasis, we are willing to go the extra mile to provide you with smart solutions.’

Originally from the UK, Kevin has been at Oasis since 2007. Kevin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Product Development. With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry Kevin has held positions in R&D, Product Development, Operations and General Management. He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute Of Mechanical Engineers (FIMechE UK). Kevin has a passion for Continuous Improvement including Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Outside of work Kevin enjoys travel, 5 a side football and plays golf very badly!!

Felipe Aguilera - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 203


Felipe Aguilera


‘We are a professional
engineering company where
standards and procedures have
been established to maintain production of high quality products and we are constantly reviewing and looking for new areas of improvement.’ Definitely a benefit to you!

Customer maintenance, technical support, researching and opening new markets are all jobs of Felipe’s role at Oasis. Joining the team in 2008, use has been made of Felipe’s first language, Spanish and his engineering background, meaning he looks after customers within Latin America as well as customers located in the Asia Pacific. Some of these activities involve attending trade shows, visiting customer operations to give technical advice, and bonding with customers. Felipe is also involved in Continuous Improvement programs, Lean Manufacturing, Product Development and implementation of Industry 4.0 within Oasis.

ph: (714) 880 9067




Being a part of the Oasis team is incredibly rewarding – there is support in all corners and the team really comes together to ensure our customers are the top priority.

Hamish joined the Oasis Team in May 2023 and has already demonstrated his passion for customer care and interest in technical details. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and a background in Product Management, there is always a solution to be found and a process to be improved! His role is to support enquiries coming from the United States and Canada. Every week Hamish also puts his voice to use in a local choir, bringing the low notes to life as an ensemble Bass singer.

William Fisher - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 220


William Fisher


‘I find it very rewarding to see
a product or improvement
idea come to life , especially
when it has a big positive impact for the customer. Solving problems is what we do best and we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any challenge!.’

Since gaining his Engineering degree in 2015, William has been part of the Oasis Product Development team helping to create new innovative solutions to customer problems. Whether it is a simple change in an existing design or a completely new product requirement, he strives to find the best solution through using creativity and sound engineering principles to meet the customers needs. William enjoys working closely with the whole Oasis team in every part of the development process, from concept design through to production and assembly which helps him to develop a broad knowledge and skillset. Continuous improvement is a big part of William’s focus, ensuring that the way in which we deliver products in the future continues to build upon the quality we offer today. Outside of Oasis, William enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, travel and spending time with friends and family.

Hadyn Natusch - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 208


Hadyn Natusch


‘Every staff member at Oasis,
from Managing Director to
apprentice, has huge pride in the company. This shows in the quality of workmanship on every product that leaves our doors.’

Product Development is an integral facet of the continued product growth of Oasis. Heading this department is Hadyn, who has been with the company since 2000. No day is the same for Hadyn – it may see him involved in anything from new product concept and design, to product testing, modifying existing product for customer specifications and technical help for customers and staff. He brings a ‘can do’ attitude to the Oasis environment, the belief that nothing is impossible. With a strong technical background, Hadyn’s motivation is to bring the best product possible to fruition, meaning that when that concept goes to production, Oasis can and does stand behind it 100%.

Hayley Storey - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 201


Hayley Storey


‘We have a great team of
people, from management
to shop floor; our collective knowledge results in an excellent product which is what we’re all about!’

It is quite likely that your first point of contact will be Hayley, who has been with Oasis since 2003. She takes care of accounts, sales, wages, logistics, purchasing, dispatch, and more! Hayley has the ability to focus on a variety of projects at once while prioritizing those that are crucial to the supply chain. She thrives on working under pressure and her professionalism is to be relied upon. Being the last person to see product off site is no small responsibility, but one Hayley takes pride in.

Kyle Fetherston - Oasis Engineering

ph: +64-7-928-3808 Ext. 210


Kyle Fetherston


‘I am fortunate to be a part of
a team that values continuous improvement and encourages ongoing personal and product development. It’s fulfilling to work alongside our customers to troubleshoot issues they are facing and develop world leading products to satisfy their needs.!’

Kyle grasped the opportunity join the Oasis Product Development team after working alongside and learning from the many great minds at Oasis while completing a Diploma in mechanical engineering in 2018. He has propelled himself headfirst into the Oasis culture of continuous improvement and customer focused design solutions. Kyle particularly enjoys troubleshooting any issues faced by our customers and developing creative solutions to ensure that Oasis products and processes continue to lead the industry standard for quality and innovation. Outside of working hours, He enjoys utilising the same troubleshooting skills to tinker with his classic motorcycle, as well as spending time with his family and making great pizza!


The Oasis team

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